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Enjoy a steady supply of clean energy with Silfab solar panels, designed specifically for North American homeowners.

North American Made Panels

Silfab Solar is America’s choice for premium, quality, durable, high-performance solar panels. Made for the North American market means quality you can trust and customer service you can count on.

Why Silfab Solar?

Solar panel array and maintenance

Performance and Beauty


40 Years of Solar Experience

Customer Support

Local Operations and Customer Support

Silfab solar panels installed by Titan Solar

Our warranty is the industry’s most trusted

How Do Solar Panels Work?

  1. Sunlight & Solar Panels: Light photons from the sun are absorbed by the solar panels on your roof, which generates a direct current known as DC power.
  2. Inverter: The inverter converts DC power (electricity) from the solar array to alternative current (AC) electricity which can now be used to power your home and appliances.
  3. Electric Box: The inverter feeds electricity into the electrical distribution system which can now be used to power your home and appliances.
  4. Meter: The meter keeps track of both the energy imported from and exported to the grid. Any excess solar power above your current use, and battery storage if installed, is exported to the grid. Depending upon your location your power provider may compensate you for the energy exported from your system to the grid. Please check with your local power provider for details of your current interconnection program.
  5. Utility Grid: Your home remains connected to the utility grid to supply you with electricity when you need more power than your system is producing.

Solar Calculator

Calculate your solar and energy bill savings based on your location, roof, energy rates and offers in your area.

A tile roof top of Silfab Solar panels up close with a house in the background.

We chose Silfab Solar panels due to their excellent warranty, their low defect rates and the fact that they are made in the USA and Canada.

GD & DD Conway
Homeowner, USA

These panels are North American made and are of Tier 1 quality. I am enjoying the steady supply of clean energy I receive every day!

Homeowner, USA

I was going to go with another panel provider however, when I saw the specifications, the warranty and cost savings I could get from going with Silfab Solar, it was an obvious choice.

Homeowner, Arizona, USA

Silfab Solar panels have been in the industry for more than 35 years. They are the leading automated solar module manufacturer in North America and offer a great warranty. The panels are premium quality and look fantastic on my roof!

Homeowner, USA

I’ve completed a lot of research on these panels. They are extremely durable and efficient, which were the most important qualities to me when I was looking for a panel provider. I am happy I went with Silfab Solar.

Nick, Homeowner
Homeowner, USA

I feel good knowing my panels are assembled in North America and offer great performance with local support to answer any of my questions.

Homeowner, USA

Very nice fit and finish. The panels are entirely black with black frames. They disappear right into my roof. The additional 25-year warranty and 30-year performance warranty support is excellent.

J Furniss
Homeowner, USA
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Silfab solar panel on a residential rooftop, Florida.

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Built on over 40+ years of solar experience, Silfab delivers premium quality, durable, top-performing solar panels trusted by North American homeowners and businesses.