The Silfab Team

Silfab team members have been actively shaping sustainability solutions since it’s inception. Our team of 100+ experts is dedicated to evolving technology for your needs.

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Founders/Board Members

Franco Traverso, President and CEO
Franco Traverso, President and CEO
Franco Traverso is Silfab’s and Silfab Solar’s founder, CEO and President. A pioneer of solar energy since 1981, he has broad expertise across the entire Value Chain of the PV industry.
The story of Franco Traverso mirrors that of Italian-made photovoltaics. His is a business path begun on his own, somewhat against the stream where technological innovation set the beat and aims of the great challenge of renewables. Franco Traverso, currently Chairman andPresident of Silfab S.p.A., is renowned as the trailblazer of photovoltaics in Italy, initiator of a technology which was unknown until the eighties and relegated to the studies and discussions of a very restricted elite of specialists. His is a challenge which lasts thirty years, tackled right from the beginning with an eye attentive to the opportunities of a sector which he contributed towards building from zero. This same sector is now generating two-figure growth trends. It is a mixture of business inspiration and technological genius that drove Traverso in the course of his long adventure to develop international patents, create industrial processes, sign partnership and joint-venture agreements, and realize technological transfers all over the world. The results make him one of the most authoritative protagonists of the international green economy,a piece of history of European photovoltaics.
Anton Szpitalak, Board Member
Anton Szpitalak, Board Member
Mr. Szpitalak is the co-founder and President of Pan Asia Solar, a multi family office focused on alternative energy holdings.
Experienced in founding and operating companies across a broad range of geographies and commercial sectors, Mr. Szpitalak currently serves as a board member for over a dozen companies around the world spanning industries from clean technology, to software to beverage manufacturing in locations to name a few Taiwan, USA, Italy & Canada. 


Paolo Maccario, COO
Paolo Maccario, COO
Paolo Maccario brings to Silfab Solar 20 years of experience as CEO of leading international automotive and clean-tech organizations.
Before joining Silfab, he worked as Chief Executive Officer of 6N Silicon Inc., one of the fastest growing Canadian manufacturers of high purity solar grade silicon. Prior to that, he served as President and CEO of Meridian Technologies Inc., the world’s largest company engaged in the engineering and manufacturing of magnesium products for the global automotive industry. Earlier in his career, Maccario held senior and executive management positions in automotive and industrial organizations operating in the U.S., Mexico, and Italy, including Teksid Aluminum Foundry and various units of Fiat S.p.A.. Since 2001, Maccario is also the President and Chairman of Team Italia, an association aiming to bring together Italian companies and their executives operating in Canada.
Hanna Ayyad, Chief Financial Officer
Hanna Ayyad, Chief Financial Officer
Hanna brings over 10 years of experience in management, finance and operations, including the renewable energy industry.
Most recently, Hanna was the President of Great Lakes Agra, a company with operations in agriculture, renewable energy and the environment. Hanna has experience in various international environments including the Middle East, Europe and the U.S. Mr. Ayyad have a BSc. in Business Administration, a minor in economics from Jacksonville University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario.

His past work experience has included consulting on international ventures, marketing and sales in the technology field, and operations in the agricultural industry. Specific operations include direct financial and operational responsibility for processing plants, the development of biomass plants that utilize various wastes for the production of energy, and ensuring successful startup of various companies.

Geoff Atkins, Business Development, Sales, Marketing<br /> 905-255-2501 ext.737
Geoff Atkins, Business Development, Sales, Marketing
[email protected] 905-255-2501 ext.737
Geoff Atkins is an experienced International Sales, Business Development and Marketing Executive with a solid track record of building revenue through innovative strategy with an entrepreneurial approach.
Geoff has utilized a creative and passionate approach to developing sales teams and structure that harvest new business and generate dramatic revenue growth. In his capacity as Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at American Solar Direct based in Los Angeles, Geoff helped architect the residential solar start-up company into a top 10 player in under 2 years by strategically aligning product development, management objectives, financial targets, brand image, customer service, PR, media, promotions and incentives.

As Senior Vice President and General Manager at IMAX Corporation, Geoff was instrumental in the evolution of IMAX’s business strategy that helped establish IMAX as a prominent player in the entertainment industry by securing contracts/partnerships with industry leaders such as AMC Entertainment, Discovery Channel, WGBH Nova, Cineplex, Regal Entertainment Group, Racimec, RAVE Cinema Group and Cinemark USA.

Prior to IMAX, Geoff’s experience includes sales and marketing at Labatt Brewing Company, International Trade Canada in Ottawa, and marketing research as a business development consultant at the Nielson Company.

Treff MacDonald, Vice President Operations, Plant Manager<br />, 905-255-2501 ext: 727
Treff MacDonald, Vice President Operations, Plant Manager
[email protected], 905-255-2501 ext: 727
Treff Macdonald is the Vice President of Operations at Silfab Solar, Treff manages all of the day to day activities of the operation since joining Silfab in October 2011.
Treff’s primary focus is managing multiple disciplines within the organization including Quality, Maintenance, Engineering Logistics and Manufacture. Treff brings to Silfab 18 years of manufacturing experience 14 of which include Operational progressive management positions. Treff’s journey began in the automotive parts manufacturing sector where he spent over 6 years in various management roles with a Tier One supplier his tenure included numerous plant startups and expansions both in Canada and Mexico. In 2008 Treff ventured into the manufacturing side of the Green Energy Sector joining a Silicon refining startup and seeing the startup through to full production volume capacity. His move in 2011 to manage Silfab’s module manufacturing operations was seen as an opportunity round out his PV knowledge as well as to help make his mark on a growing company that is servicing a growing market.

Customer Management Team

Jovian Xu, Purchasing Manager<br />, 905-255-2501 ext: 765
Jovian Xu, Purchasing Manager
[email protected], 905-255-2501 ext: 765
Jovian Xu is Silfab’s Purchasing Manager and joined the company in May of 2013. Prior to joining, she worked for 13 years in supply chain management, global trading, cost & risk control and logistics at various companies in China and Canada.
Jovian Xu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Trade from Hohai University in China and a Master of E-Business from Edith Cowan University in Australia. Jovian manages Silfab’s procurement and inbound logistics.
Jorge Gonzalez Blanquet, Silfab Sales<br />, 905-255-2501 ext: 733
Jorge Gonzalez Blanquet, Silfab Sales
[email protected], 905-255-2501 ext: 733
Jorge has been a driving force of the Silfab sales and Account management team since 2011. Jorge manages Silfab’s Canadian customers as well as having responsibility for Silfab sales activities outside of the US.
Maurice Smith, Director, USA<br />, 1 905-255-2501 ext: 736 / 1 310-745-2126
Maurice Smith, Director, USA
[email protected], 1 905-255-2501 ext: 736 / 1 310-745-2126
Maurice Smith is a seasoned Sales Executive and Business Development Leader with proven success in renewable energy.
He brings 4 years of experience working in the solar industry as Sales Manager at American Solar Direct based in Los Angeles – a residential solar developer recognized as the 17th fastest growing company in the US and one of the fastest growing residential solar companies at the time.

Since joining in 2014, Maurice has developed, implemented and executed on Silfab’s US strategy. Prior to his start, Silfab’s US business presence was non-existent; as of 2016, the US now represents a large portion of Silfab’s overall business and future growth opportunities.

Prior to the solar industry, Maurice’s experience included developing sales team and go to market strategy with a variety of organizations such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Cox Communications.

Maurice holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management.

Umang Bindra, Human Resources Manager<br />, 905 255 2501 x 731
Umang Bindra, Human Resources Manager
[email protected], 905 255 2501 x 731
Umang Bindra is Silfab’s Human Resources Manager and has been with Silfab since 2015.
He brings with him over 10 years of Human Resources experience – experience and knowledge in implementing/ modifying HR policies, reviewing applicable laws, orientation/on-boarding , health & safety, employee engagement, talent acquisition process, recruitment & selection, events, managing databases and interviews, HR Administration, training & development and other related aspects of HR.

Prior to joining, he has completed Post-Graduation in Human Resources Management from Sheridan College with High Honours. He has the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) and Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designations from Canada. Umang Bindra also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Punjab Technical University and Degree in Business Administration from ICFAI, India. Umang manages all aspects of Human Resources for the company.

Carlos Sarna, Production Manager<br />, 905 255 2501 x 726
Carlos Sarna, Production Manager
[email protected], 905 255 2501 x 726
Carlos Sarna has worked with our Silfab Solar team for over 5+ years, bringing leadership and being part of the core group that worked on establishing our manufacturing plant in Ontario.
Carlos holds a Certificate for Photovoltaic Technician from Seneca College as well as a Diploma for Electronic Technician from his past Navy career. Carlos’ dedication, passion and commitment is evident in all of his work at Silfab and is at the forefront of his achievements in the workplace.