Silfab Smart Module – Monocrystalline

Efficiency, Endurance, Power Performance

SSA-M 280/285/290/295/300

SSG-M 335/340/345/355/360

  • Reduce Voc: The maximum voltage of the module is fixed by Tigo Smart Curve technology and remains stable, independent of temperature.
  • Impedance Matching: Panel-level MPPT with industry leading efficiency and reliability.
  • Fewer Components: 30% fewer strings reduces the number of combiners, fuses, disconnects, home runs, single set of wires, etc.
  • Safety: Panel level disconnect in case of emergencies, in compliance with NEC 2014.
  • Faster Installation: Less components to install, less wire to run equals faster install times.
  • Advance Operation and Maintenance: Panel-level monitoring.
  • Reduced Weight: Engineered to accommodate low load bearing structures while maintaining highly durable mechanical characteristics including a maximum loading of 5400 Pa.
  • 30+ Years of Excellence and Innovation
  • Highest Automation
  • Increased Quality
  • Industry-Leading Warranty
  • Power Output Warranty
  • Quality Endorsed

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