The Bifacial High-efficiency PV Revolution is here…now!

The new frontier of the PV market is called BiSoN, the bifacial monocrystalline cell with very high efficiency, already today more than the 20%.

MegaCell introduces the new MBA modules born from the 30+ years experience in photovoltaic manufacturing. Highest level of efficiency, quality and reliability are guaranteed from the BiSoN cell technology, the bifacial cell up to 20.4% front efficiency (25.6% with 30% rear side contribution) developed in collaboration with the ISC Konstanz.

With a technology production developed by Franco Traverso, together with the team of the German Institute of research ISC Konstanz, the BiSoN cell allows to be presented on the market at a very competitive price. High efficiency, double-sided (bifacial) and low cost: this is the PV Revolution!

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